Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

The Roundhouse
181 Roundhouse Mews (Corner of Davie & Pacific)
Vancouver BC V6Z 2W3  

The Roundhouse is a building of major historical significance to the City of Vancouver both from an architectural and a social perspective. Originally the Roundhouse was comprised of a cluster of buildings whose function was to house and service the great steam locomotives of the day. The people who worked in these buildings were involved with the railway link that played such a central part in the growth of Vancouver.

The gradual acceptance of the diesel-powered engine signalled the end of steam locomotives as workhorses of the railroad. The Roundhouse and the surrounding rail yards, a once vibrant transportation hub for the City were forgotten. After attempts to turn the Roundhouse into a collection of boutique shops were defeated by concerted citizens’ action, the zoning that ensured its rejuvenation into a public facility was finalized in 1993.

The Park Board then took a major leap and agreed that the Roundhouse would be unlike any other community centre in Canada – a unique facility dedicated to community development through arts and culture – an arts oriented community centre that would serve not only the residents of the area but all citizens of Vancouver.

Today the Roundhouse hosts a wide variety of performances, events, and exhibitions, as well as community programs for all ages ranging from prenatal to older adult. For more information, please visit: http://roundhouse.ca/event-calendar/ and other pages at http://roundhouse.ca/.