Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

Red Gate Revue Stage
1601 Johnston St.
Vancouver BC V6H 3R7  

—— To be distinguished from Red Gate's other venue: Red Gate "Classic", @ 855 East Hastings, Vancouver BC V6A 3Y1

The Red Gate Arts Society was founded in 2012, after a series of closures of community arts spaces left a large void in Vancouver's historically arts-friendly Downtown Eastside district, and a sense of urgency and crisis in the artists and musicians that had until then depended on cheap space in the fast-disappearing older buildings in the area. What had been an ad-hoc collection of individuals with a common cause in holding on to their existing spaces became a focused organization dedicated to establishing new ones, and in the process demonstrate a prototype of an independent, self-funded arts center. With a large and diverse community of supporters behind us, we raised enough money to secure a lease on a 7500 square foot industrial-zoned building at 855 East Hastings, in February of 2013.

The primary aim of the society is to provide affordable working space for artists, musicians, and creative individuals of all kinds, in a supportive and collaborative environment in which different skills and interests can be shared and new ideas can take form. The point is that if there is to be a cultural scene in Vancouver at all, there needs to be places where young and emerging artists can spend the time it takes to develop their skills and talents, overcome obstacles, and everything else that is required to realize their full potential. During this time, if they are as dedicated as they need to be, most are going to find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder, and priced out of the rapidly escalating vancouver rental market. By securing large, disused industrial spaces, and sharing them among a large number of people, rates per square foot can be minimized.

Red Gate Revue Stage provides a platform for underrepresented and grassroots artists.