Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest


A list of musicians living and performing in the Pacific Northwest. Select an artist's name for details.
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Wendy Atkinson
Composer, experimental bassist
Ross Birdwise
Sound art, electronics, multimedia, and visual art
Blevin Blectum
Electronic musician and multimedia composer
John Brennan
Sound artist, drummer, and curator
Skye Brooks
Improvising drummer, guitarist, vocalist & composer
Ben Brown
Musician, composer, and teacher
Merlyn Chipman
Video feedback artist
Joda Clément
Composer and improviser
Christi Denton
Composer and sound installation artist
Jamie Drouin
Composer, sound artist, improvisor
Ben Glas
Interdisciplinary artist and composer
Lori Goldston
Cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher
Daryl Groetsch
Electronic music producer
Patrick Gundran
Experimental guitarist and improviser
Liz Harris
Visual artist and musician
Matty Harris
Interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer and activist
Alanna Ho
Artist, performer, educator
François Houle
Virtuoso new music / improvising clarinetist
Lee Hutzulak
Visual artist & electronic musician
Burke Jam
Composer, phonographer, and acoustic ecologist
Constantine Katsiris
Artist, composer, phonographer, and curator
Joe Lasqo
◉ Neogaku, Indo-Modernism, AI-based music, and post-jazz ◉ Laptop, piano, harmonium, and percussion
Felisha Ledesma
Artist, curator, and community organizer
Peggy Lee
Cellist, improviser, composer
Samuel Macklin
Electronic music producer, improviser
Giorgio Magnanensi
Composer, conductor, electronic musician, and artistic director of Vancouver New Music
James Meger
Acoustic and electric bassist working primarily in the fields of jazz and improvised music
Lisa Cay Miller
Improvising pianist & composer who conveys the spirit of jazz without reiterating its stylistic clichés
Torsten Müller
Vancouver-based free improvising bassist
Roxanne Nesbitt
Designer, musician, and sound artist
NOW Orchestra
The NOW Orchestra is one of the seminal improvising orchestras in Canada. Featuring Vancouver's finest, this ensemble never fails to astonish listeners.
NOW Society Ensemble
Drawn from Vancouver's finest improvising musicians under the direction of Lisa Cay Miller, the NOW Society Ensemble presents compositions commissioned by the NOW Society.
Plastic Acid Orchestra
A modern full symphony orchestra that combines original Plastic Acid compositions, compositions from young Canadian composers & modern arrangements of popular music
Paul Plimley
Vancouver-based pianist — avant jazz and creative improvisation
The Redshift Array
The Redshift Music Society's 16 speaker, multi-channel sound diffusion system
Graeme Scott
Sound artist, musician, maker of guitar amplifiers
Anju Singh
Drummer, violinist, vocalist and sound artist
Stefan Smulovitz
Award-winning technologist, composer, violist, and laptop artist
prOphecy sun
Multimedia performance artist and master of the Line 6 Delay Pedal
Kıvanç Tatar
Musician playing trumpet and electronics; composer interested in experimental music; researcher studying artificial intelligence on the applications of music.
Jacob Taves
Artist, musician, and producer
Chloe Alexandra Thompson
Poet, artist, and curator
Dylan van der Schyff
Percussionist spanning the fields of jazz, free improvisation, sound art, experimental, electronic and ‘new music’.
V. Vecker
Saxophonist / ensemble leader, tapping into the fleshiest construct of consciousness and primal instincts using foreign tunings and notation to both instruments and players alike.
Vancouver Electronic Ensemble
Ensemble of musicians in the Vancouver area active in experimental electronic music
Hildegard Westerkamp
Composer, radio artist, and sound ecologist
Cam Wilson
Violinist, composer, & arranger
Josh Zubot
Violinist/composer fusing many styles through the studies of electronics and the violin.