Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

Blevin Blectum
Electronic musician and multimedia composer
Blevin Blectum is an electronic musician and multimedia composer currently based in Seattle. She is celebrated as an "icon of deviant and cerebral electronic music". Blectum studied the violin during her youth. At Oberlin College she began making electronic music at the WOBC-FM studios. At Mills College, she partnered with Kevin Blechdom to form Blectum from Blechdom, a performance art / vocals, laptops and samplers / electronica duo. In 2001, Blectum from Blechdom won an Award of Distinction for digital music at the Prix Ars Electronica.

Blectum has released many solo albums, and released the CD/DVD Unseen Forces on Matmos' Vague Terrain label as part of multimedia band Sagan with J Lesser, video producer Ryan Junell, and Wobbly. In 1998 she worked at Orban testing radio processing units, in 1999 worked as a beta-tester at Thomas Dolby's Headspace and Beatnik Inc, and in 2000 to 2004 worked as a sound designer at LeapFrog Enterprises and several smaller sound design companies in the San Francisco bay area. An avid bird enthusiast, Blectum quit music for several years and worked as a registered veterinary technician / veterinary nurse in Northern California before moving to Providence, RI in 2007.

In 2013 she co-founded theatrical-electro-acoustic-chamber-ensemble The Traveling Bubble Ensemble with Michael Kelley, Elise Kuder, and Marjorie Gere. She graduated with a PhD in Computer Music and Multimedia from Brown University's Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments (MEME) department in May 2014. Her dissertation committee included writer Brian Evenson and playwright Erik Ehn. While at Brown she created sound and music for several of playwright Theo Goodell's works. In 2011 she was artist-in-residence at WORM, a Rotterdam-based institute for avant-garde music and art. Her fifth solo LP/CD, Emblem Album, was released on Aagoo records on December 5, 2013.