Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

Matty Harris
Interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer and activist
A long time resident of the culturally besieged East Vancouver, Harris’ work in music has included production and curation in a variety of the city’s most important cultural centers with a dedication to underground and DIY artists, such as VIVO, Fortune Sound Club, The Red Gate Arts Society, Open Studios, 151, and the Toast Collective. He was also a core organizer of the Field Festival from 2012 to 2016, held in the Slocan Valley, BC, which attracted a wide array of musicians, speakers and participants.

Over the course of his performance history spanning 20 years, Harris has shared the stage and collaborated with numerous artists spanning all genres, including Inhabitants, Damo Suzuki, Gabriel Soloman, Lief Hall, Evy Jane, Holzkopf, Lighta! Crew, Mood Hut, C. Diab, Nam Shub, and Magneticring. The experience amassed from a rich life of music making and collaboration, combined with ceaseless work against the forces which aim to render the environment of his city unlivable for not just musicians, but all working people, has allowed a broad and unique perspective to unfold organically in the creation of his sonic landscape.

Steppin’ Razor is his solo project in the realm of avant-garde electronic music. With a focus on the understated beauty of minimal synthesis and electroacoustic rhythm combined with the found sound and field recording of his environment, Harris seeks through his work to create a sonic path to healing and calm within a confused and all to often self harming society. At times delicate and devastating, sometimes beautiful and challenging, Steppin’ Razor succeeds in unfolding a sonic realm which allows the audience to hear beyond their typical listening experience and enter a world of emotional depth which Harris so expertly weaves.