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prOphecy sun
Multimedia performance artist and master of the Line 6 Delay Pedal
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prOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams. She is a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University and the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Award. She is based in Vancouver and is a founding member of Dance Troupe Practice and current resident at the Pandora Park Fieldhouse. Her experimental performances, sound compositions, installations, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in such events as ISEA 2015, DIS 2014, FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, International Experimental Cinema Explosion (USA), Your Kontinent Festival: Art in Containers (Richmond), Festival des Musiques Creation (QB), Live- Performance Art Bienalle, Soundasaurus Media Arts Festival (AB), Signal and Noise Media Festival, Exploding Cinema (UK), Square Waves Festival (UK), Dancing on the Edge Festival, Month of Performance Art (Berlin), 12 Min Max, and Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances. Her current musical projects include: prOphecy sun, Tyranahorse, Spell, Under the Sun, Her Jazz Noise Collective, The Adulthood and VEE.

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prOphecy sun is East Vancouver's noise darling – a siren who creates ghostly, looping vocal drones and free style field recordings, with breathing & throat singing, a handmade theremin and a knapsack full of small musical objects.

— from http://www.bitchmedia.org/post/b-sides-prophecy-sun-feminist-music:

prOphecy sun is a multimedia performance artist, mother of four cats, and master of the green Line 6 delay pedal. Beginning her music and sound practice with Vancouver-based anarcha-feminist group, Her Jazz Noise Collective, over the last two years Sun has been diving into new collaborations and looking out from the pages of local arts and culture magazines as a result. In addition to her soundscape-y solo project, prOphecy sun, she plays in six other bands, one of which is the new-wave inspired Tyranahorse, winning second place this month at Shindig, Vancouver’s annual underground music competition. When not in band practice seven nights a week, Sun plays giant games of street hopscotch, contorts her body into tiny cupboards, planks grocery check-out counters and sews feline figurines out of found material. Catch up if you can, prOphecy sun is an artist in a windstorm of ambition and all its accompanying forward motion.

— http://beatroute.ca/2016/10/17/prophecy-sun-blurs-lines-consciousness/:

“I’m intrigued about time, how time passes, how dreams invade waking moments, what gathers and unfolds in moment-to-moment sequences, what exists in the in-between, in the crevices and fissures of memory, and how my perception and experience of these unconscious/conscious moments are blurred,” prOphecy explains. “I record snippets of my life, daily activities, rituals, conversations, performance, using an iPhone. Shelter over Shelter is a patch quilt of my experiences of daily life as both an artist and new mother.”

When you first hear the soundscapes designed and explored there is an almost patterned weaving of paralleled worlds we live in that can be seen/felt. Listeners are immediately met with the overall atmosphere prOphecy sun is known for creating

“I am actively engaged with motion capturing and documenting my children’s developmental patterns, sounds and my relationship with them. I am attempting to synthesize these representations of myself, the subjective experiences and dimensions of motherhood into a single sense of place; creating a large scale, intimate performance.”