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Skye Brooks
Improvising drummer, guitarist, vocalist & composer
— from NOW Society:

Drummer/guitarist/vocalist Skye Brooks looms large on the Vancouver music scene.

Skye plays with his own band the Co-Pilots, collective trio Aeroplane Trio and

Longhand (which you can hear on our opening Gala Night of the Hear It NOW:Time Travel

Festival. He's also a tremendously in demand drummer with people like Veda Hille and

Fond of Tigers many others.

Why? You may ask ... because he is a great musician and improvisor. He brings sensitivity,

drive, intelligence, humour and passion.

— from http://www.reachoutpsychosis.com/about-us-2/performers/alumni-performers/skye-brooks/:

Since completing his Jazz Studies at the Vancouver Community College in 1998, drummer Skye Brooks began to explore the city’s vibrant improvised music scene and has become an active and sought-after figure as a musician and composer in Vancouver’s creative music community.

He loves the challenge of playing in diverse settings, and regularly drums, tours and records with Inhabitants, Veda Hille, Fond of Tigers ( 2011 JUNO award winners ), Tony Wilson 6tet, the NOW Orchestra, Tyson Naylor Trio, Ndidi Onukwulu, Longhand, Aeroplane Trio and others. From 2000 to 2005, he co-curated the weekly improvised music series Parallelatuesdays, which featured out-of-town and local musicians at both the Sugar Refinery and Chroma Books. He also performs as a singer, guitarist and songwriter with his own rock band Copilots. As a composer, Skye’s background in experimental jazz takes on its own voice in recordings by groups such as the Inhabitants and Almost Transparent Blue. For the 2009 Juno Awards, Inhabitants received a nomination for Best Instrumental Album of the Year.

Additionally, Skye has performed with Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff, Wolfgang Fuchs, Ches Smith, Sandro Perri, Jill Barber, Mats Gustafsson, Bill Horist, Jesse Zubot, the Be Good Tanyas, Bob Wiseman, Submission Hold and many others. Skye’s creative talents have been well documented on the labels Drip Audio, Songlines, Bongobeat and Ape House as well as on independent releases. He has toured extensively throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan and has performed at many international festivals including the Moers Festival in Germany, Victoriaville and the Guelph International Jazz Festival. He has been a fixture at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival for the past fifteen years, playing with many of Vancouver’s most exciting and cutting edge groups.