Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

NOW Society Ensemble
Drawn from Vancouver's finest improvising musicians under the direction of Lisa Cay Miller, the NOW Society Ensemble presents compositions commissioned by the NOW Society.
NOW Society Ensemble

The NOW Society Ensemble (formerly Orkestra Futura) is drawn from Vancouver's finest improvising musicians. Currently under the Artistic Direction of Lisa Cay Miller, the NOW Society Ensemble has been presenting engaging and varied concerts since 2008 in a multitude of venues and formats, from formal concert halls to DIY stages, from showcases to concerts and installations. The music is closely associated with Musique Actuelle and Creative Music, fusing improvisation and composition, the predetermined with the undefined. Events planned and unplanned are linked, craft and skill navigates the endless possibilities of the unknown.

With flexible instrumentation and five to ten members, the NOW Society Ensemble proudly presents compositions commissioned by the NOW Society, and has premiered new works by Giorgio Magnanesi, Rainer Wiens, Joane Hétu and Gary Wildeman. The ensemble collaborates with world-renowned composers, performers and improvisers; recent and coming guest artists include Ellwood Epps, Vicky Mettler, Lori Freedman, Joane Hétu. Jean Derome, Christine Duncan (Montreal), Anne La Berge, Ig Henneman (Amsterdam), Jim Denley (Australia), Pauline Oliveros, Lisle Ellis and Eyvind Kang (USA).

NOW Society Ensemble members include: Lisa Cay Miller, JP Carter, Nikki Carter, James Meger, Skye Brooks, Mike Mike Dowler, Peggy Lee, Jon Paton, Chad MacQuarrie, Brad Muirhead, Kristian Naso, DB Boyko, Tommy Babin, Jesse Zubot, Joshua Zubot, Jon Bentley, Stefan Smulovitz, Joe Poole, Kenton Loewen, and Chris Gestrin.