Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

Anju Singh
Drummer, violinist, vocalist and sound artist
— from https://weirdcanada.com/tag/anju-singh:

"Anju Singh (of AHNA) delivers a quarter-hour piece of violin static that patiently builds into multi-feedback noise-scapes; effectively rendering the previous 14 minutes of your existence into a zone of bewilderment."

— from http://theskinnyvancouver.blogspot.com/2012/07/tothe-power-of-three-mya-bina-anju.html:

"When not coordinating uncompromising noise events, she is the solid force on the kit, vocals and the other creative half behind the noise and drone of AHNA. The distinctive quality... is the intersection of art, activism and the intensity of extreme music/anti/music."

— http://www.vancourier.com/community/and-the-band-droned-on-1.20287929

"Then, Anju Singh (the Nausea) stepped onto the stage with a violin and board to layer the kaleidoscope of sound into deep and dark places."

— Genre: drone violence

— Instrumentation: drums, vocals, violin

— Ensembles/Projects: AHNA, The Nausea, Ceremonial Bloodbath, Temple Of Abandonment