Avant-garde Music & Multimedia in the Pacific Northwest

Ross Birdwise
Sound art, electronics, multimedia, and visual art
Ross Birdwise is a Vancouver-based musician and visual artist. Much of his recent electronic music, whether beatless noise, or more percussive experimental music, drones, melodies or free improvisation, is concerned with the deliberate manipulation of the listener's sense of time and space and is concerned with disrupting or dequantizing the grid that underlies much electronic music to attempt to create musical space-times that are alternately fluid, lurching, malfunctioning, awkward, aggressive or organic. As an improviser he has been using his voice and electronics to do explorations into non-idiomatic improvisation, structured improvisation, and lo-fi approaches to spatialized sound. He also occasionally creates multimedia installations that incorporate sound, video and sculptural elements, as well as some abstract painting.

Ross has played music festivals such as Mutek (Montreal), Soundasaurus (Calgary), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Vancouver New Music and has presented visual art at centres such as VIVO Media Arts (Vancouver) and Gallery 101 (Ottawa). He holds an MAA in Media Arts from Emily Carr, and a BFA from Ottawa University.